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It’s been so foggy the last couple of days that all the spiderwebs are coated in drops of dew. You don’t realize how many there are until they’re suddenly highlighted like this. I’m actually pretty scared of spiders, but these webs were too beautiful to resist.


To everyone with an invisible illness:


I am so sorry that you have to deal with a world that doesn’t believe just because they can’t see.
I am so sorry you have to walk around with so much on your shoulders and nothing to show for it.
I am so sorry so few of us will ever get any real validation, and I am so sorry that even then our situation won’t change much.

To everyone with without an invisible illness:
Please, please, please believe us.
It hurts. It hurts and you saying it doesn’t actually makes it worse

I don’t feel upset because my illness can’t be seen.

People around me can see the symptoms clear as day.

The warble in my voice when I try to speak aloud, so much so that people ask me if I’m about to burst out crying.

When I choose to stand alone in the hallway because the chair I had been sitting in now has two people on opposite sides of it holding a conversation and it feeling too uncomfortable trying to sit back down.

Needing to press my back against something in a public situation in order to feel a shred of security.

Being hindered by myself so much so that I duck my head after making eye contact with someone I recognize.

Having people tell me good morning, opening my mouth to greet them back only to hear myself squeak out a breath in return.

When tourists stop me on the street to ask for directions but I know I’m terrible at explaining myself and being so used to restricting my speech that I choose to walk past them and seem like a total dilweed.

Opting to mumble and trail off my sentences when my brain tells me whatever I’m about to say is completely nonsensical.

Screaming in people’s ears when I let my joy run wild to completely piss off everyone around me and confusing people because of the outrageous personality flip.

Having to run away to lock myself behind a closed door for hours when I feel a panic attack on the rise.

Slapping myself when I start to cry in front of others in order to get myself under control but only succeeding in freaking out any person who manages to see me in such a state.

Becoming so overcome by jealousy that I flaunt what few meager treasures I have in order to get some reaction out of the person in front of me.

The fact that I’ve wrapped my thoughts, actions, and words so tightly inside myself that I have to relearn how to interact with others.

I don’t feel upset because my illness can’t be seen.

I’m ashamed because it can be seen.

I’m furious at myself for not being able to hide it better.

I’m disgusted because telling someone what I have means they’ll instantly associate me with whatever stereotype they have about that specific medical disorder.

I’m frustrated because if I do try to explain all of this to someone who’s never felt any of it they will question why I act this way.

I’m dejected because I understand that if I do try to explain regardless that I don’t have the skill to convey my point properly and only sabotage myself further.

I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me.

What I want is for people to have enough of an education to understand what I’m suffering from so that I don’t need to be terrified to admit to someone that I do have issues which I’m trying desperately to work through.

Why do I bother?


Today’s Classic: The Atmosferic Paintings of John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893)


⋆ - Noxfae’s 2nd Giveaway - ⋆

Like everything i’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. I was shocked when my blog hit 10k followers and as a massive thank you for sticking around i’ve gathered some goodies for one of you lovely lot to win!


☆ : Silver half-moon pendant necklace

☆ : Tiny pieces of mixed gemstones in a cork jar

☆ : 1 small Amethyst chunk (rough cut)

☆ : 1 small clear quartz wand (rough cut)

☆ : 1 medium sized Amethyst (smooth)

☆ : 1 jade stone stretchy bracelet

☆ : 1 amethyst stretchy bracelet

☆ : 1 small black beeswax candle

☆ : 1 small white beeswax candles

(The large amethyst chunk and flowers are NOT included)


How To Enter, Rules & Info:

☆ : As this is a thank you to my followers, you must be following me.

☆ : You need to reblog this post, likes will be ignored however you may like for reference.

☆ : You can reblog as many times as you’d like, however I will only count it as one entry. (I would advise you reblog several times as tumblr notes can mess up and I may miss your entry) 

☆ : No giveaway blogs and you must be an active user.

☆ : You’ll need to feel comfortable to give me your address if you win in order for me to send these to you. If you’re under 18 please get parental permission. 

☆ : I will ship worldwide and pay for the postage and packaging. 

☆ : Make sure your ask box is OPEN.


The giveaway will end on May 12th. All entries will be placed in a random generator and one blog will be chosen. I will message the blog confirming they’ve won. If I haven’t received a reply in 24 hours I will choose another winner from the generator, and so on.

Good luck everyone, if you have any queries drop me a message. ♥

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Puffball mushrooms getting rained on.

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